Angola has everything prepared for the military exercises

Press conference in Luanda to present the military exercise "Exercícios Felino"

Press conference in Luanda to present the military exercise "Exercícios Felino"

  |  Jornal de Angola

The Felino Exercise will bring together around 1,500 members of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) members in Angola, with the objective of preparing the "Combined Joint Task Force" to achieve, maintain and optimize the capacity of the Armed Forces' mission to support peace and provide humanitarian aid at the operational and tactical levels.

Angola will host two military exercises - "Exercícios Felino" - in the town of Catumbela, Lobito municipality (Benguela), in September. The first exercise of this kind took place last year in São Tomé and Príncipe. Angola will conduct two drills this year, "Felino 2018" followed by "Felino 2019," with forces on the ground, to test future humanitarian aid and rescue missions.
The Director of the exercise, Timoteo Neves, presented yesterday, in Luanda, during the main planning conference of the exercise, the exercise plan, the draft of the technical agreement and the draft of the plan of the day of visits to the military exercise. Yesterday's meeting, which was attended by high patents of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), was also meant to present to the community the state of preparation of the military exercise. Timóteo das Neves indicated that Angola participates with 1,428 members in this exercise. The official explained that these exercises will be executed with forces on the ground, based on a fictitious scenario.

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