Angola demands the end of the death penalty in Equatorial Guinea

Angolan Foreign Minister Manuel Augusto

Angolan Foreign Minister Manuel Augusto

  |  Jornal de Angola

Angola's Foreign Minister warns Equatorial Guinea: "The identity of the CPLP has non-negotiable principles and the abolition of the death penalty is one of them"

Speaking to Lusa news agency on the sidelines of the 14th session of the Angola/Cuba Intergovernmental Commission in Luanda, Manuel Augusto declined to say whether Malabo's refusal to abolish the death penalty could lead to the suspension or eviction of Equatorial Guinea from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP).

Pointing out that Angola "does not make nor accept ultimatums," the Angolan foreign minister said there is a consensus "among most CPLP countries" that "some principles are non-negotiable and the abolition of the death penalty is one of them."

Equatorial Guinea became a CPLP member under the condition that it would comply with the organization's statutes - that is, abolish the death penalty.

At the time of its accession, Equatorial Guinea requested a moratorium as a member of the Portuguese-speaking community.

"We have agreed to grant this moratorium on the assumption that Equatorial Guinea would comply with a timetable we were invited to assess. However, if these conditions are not met, there must be some pressure on Equatorial Guinea," he said.

The death penalty issue was mentioned this Saturday by Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, who said that if Equatorial Guinea wants to remain in the CPLP, "it has to agree" to a "common framework" that excludes the death penalty.

"Our community is based on the values of freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and the dignity of human beings, which are absolutely incompatible with the existence of the death penalty in any member country," António Costa told journalists alongside Cape Verdean Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva after the 5th Portugal-Cape Verde Summit in Lisbon.

The Equato-Guinean president has started an official visit to Cape Verde today. Cape Verdean president Jorge Carlos Fonseca is a staunch anti-death penalty advocate and said he will discuss the issue with Teodoro Obiang Nguema.