Amnesty files will be re-opened, says Damares Alves

Amnesty files will be re-opened, says Damares Alves

The minister wants to prioritize Dilma and Lula's cases; Lula's office says no indemnity request is known.

The Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, said on Wednesday (March 27) that the indemnities granted by the Amnesty Commission will be re-studied during her term. According to her, the ministry will analyze the indemnities granted in recent years, but she didn't specify whether all cases will be scrutinized and whether money is expected to be returned.

"These files will be opened by this ministry. We want to know whether all those who needed the amnesty were reached or left behind. We will also analyze the indemnities which were granted. This ministry has been called upon to do this in a very transparent way," she said in the inauguration ceremony of the collegiate's 27 councilors.

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