Country ratifies donation of €11.4M for primary health care

Mozambican doctors and nurses cleaning and preparing beds in the newly opened Unicef center of Cholera treatment in the Macurungo neighbourhood of the city of Beira, after the passage of cyclone Idai, in the province of Sofala, central Mozambique, 28 March 2019. Reports state that some 1.7 million people are said to be affected across southern Africa. TIAGO PETINGA/LUSA

Mozambique"s government on Tuesday ratified an agreement on a donation of $13 million (€11.4 million) given by the International Development Association (IDA), the council of ministers announced in a statement.

The resolution said that the funds are for "additional funding for a primary health care programme," budgeted at $95 million (€83.9 million). Of this total, $80 million (€70.6 million) had already been listed with IDA in March.

The funding should be applied in health education and disease prevention programmes, vaccination, maternal and child health promotion, diagnostic services and common disease treatment.

IDA is one of the World Bank related bodies that has supported socio-economic projects in Mozambique.