Remittances from Portuguese emigrants Lusophone Africa up by 10% in April

Remittances from Portuguese emigrants working in Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOP) rose by almost 10% in April to 23.5 million euros, down from 2.8% in total remittances, to 289 million.

According to data from Banco de Portugal, remittances from national emigrants in the Portuguese-speaking African countries rose from 21.43 million euros to 23.55 million, representing a 9.89% rise.

Conversely, remittances from Portuguese-speaking Africans working in Portugal fell from 3.4 million euros in April last year to 3.2 million in April of this year, revealing a decline of 3.8%.

In total, foreigners working in Portugal sent 42.4 million euros to their home countries in April, which is equivalent to a 0.76% rise compared to the 42 million that they had sent in April last year.