Portugal "will not exclude" Chinese companies from 5G network

Ministro Augusto Santos Silva

Ministro Augusto Santos Silva


Portugal"s foreign affairs minister Augusto Santos Silva guaranteed on Friday in China that the European Union (EU) is to define one common position on the 5G mobile network without excluding any company, from any country.

"This is not a question related to company A, B, C or D, but we need to take the necessary measures to guarantee an infrastructure that complies with all the security requirements from the state's point of view and for the citizens" personal data", the minister said.

Santos Silva was speaking at the Great Wall of China, next to Portugal"s president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who is visiting the country, and he was answering news about the United Kingdom (UK) banning the Chinese company Huawei from the process of setting up the British 5G mobile network.

"Currently, all of the 28 EU member states are working to share our assessments up to 30 June and then move forward on a European level", the minister added.

Under the EU terms, each member state is to communicate until the end of July "which are the risks to set up the 5G mobile network regardless of the kind of operations or data", he explained.

Previously, president De Sousa mentioned "it was not only the UK" that has approved Huawei technology, "big countries and European economies have communicated their worries and said they were planning to maintain the partnership with that group", as long as they comply with security measures.

"Portugal is free to choose who better complies with our security rules and who is in a better position to be chosen because the country is not under pressure by any agreement between private companies", the president highlighted, implicitly referring to a memorandum of understanding between Meo and Huawei on the 5G technology development.