Isabel dos Santos in Lisbon for CPLP Forum

Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos

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Forum will analyze how to strengthen the female presence in the business world and discuss projects to develop the companies of the members of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP).

The CPLP Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs Federation promotes next Monday in Lisbon an International Forum on Mobility and Innovation, which will be attended by more than 200 personalities from the nine CPLP Member States and the observer countries in the organization.

One of the main interventions will be in charge of Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos who will speak at the panel dedicated to Innovation. The panel will address topics such as "technology and communication," "internationalization," "sport" and agriculture, and it is anticipated that the Angolan businesswoman will address the particular case of her country.

In addition to investments in Angola, Isabel dos Santos has a relevant presence in markets in countries such as Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

This panel also includes talks by Filipe Santos, expert on social entrepreneurship, Marinela Mirpuri, from Hera Portugal, Ana Denise Lima Barber, president of the Cape Verdean Businessmen Association, and Rita Nabeiro, CEO of Adega Mayor.

The Forum is held at the Pestana Hotel, in Lisbon, and has as one of its central objectives to promote the growth of the companies of CPLP countries at the international level and in the development of the markets of the member countries of the organization.

In addition to the Innovation panel, there are two others, one dedicated to Internationalization and a second where Mobility will be discussed.

Female Business Strenghtening

A common feature of the three panels is the promotion of female participation in CPLP's business universe and their affirmation in leadership positions.

In general, it is intended to promote the improvement of the business environment in the CPLP space, the identification of obstacles to its implementation and possible solutions to develop this market.

A crowfunding platform will also be launched for entrepreneurs and investors.

CPLP Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs Federation was founded in July 2016 in Lisbon, where it is headquartered, and is currently chaired by Mozambican businesswoman Maria Abdula.

It is an organization dedicated to the development and cooperation of entrepreneurs within the CPLP, a community that covers more than 200 million citizens from 9 countries and 4 continents. The member countries are inserted in five regional economic communities (European Union, Mercosur, ECOWAS, CEEAC and SADC).