"With Guedes Plan, Brazil will be the new China"

Brazilian businessman lives in China since 2001

One of the leaders of the liberal movement in Brazil, entrepreneur Winston Ling, who has lived in China since 2001, was the one who introduced Jair Bolsonaro to the economist Paulo Guedes, the future Minister of Economy.

Son of Chinese immigrants who founded the Ling Institute of Porto Alegre, Winston predicts that if Guedes's plan is implemented, Brazil will be the new China. "They are now slowing down and that space, I hope, will be occupied by Brazil," the head of Wintech Ventures says, company that invests in startups in several countries around the world.

How was your approach to Bolsonaro?

When I met him for the first time in 2016, I gave him two books on liberalism: The Law by Frederic Bastiat and Six Lessons by Ludwig Von Mises. I saw the excitement around Bolsonaro and felt that not only he had the popularity but also that he would have the chance to be president. I'm the type who likes to approach people and evangelize about liberalism.

Bia Kicis (now a Federal Representative elected by the DF) fell from the sky. She wanted to meet me and I wanted to meet Bolsonaro. I believed that, if he had any chance of being president, it was time to start thinking about the economic program and to organize a group of advisers with entrepreneurs and liberal economists.

What is expected from the Bolsonaro government in the economic area?

Paulo Guedes is quite radical in liberalism, and everything we are seeing so far confirms the hope that we will be able to do something right regarding policy guideline. The reduction of ministries is an example. Guedes spoke of eight ministries. Bolsonaro, of 15. So, let's negotiate and who knows if it reaches 12.

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