China received 40% of what it paid for EDP in 7 years

António Mexia

The company led by Antonio Mexia will pay the Portuguese stock market's largest dividend distribution on Wednesday.

Investment in EDP: €2.9 billion. Equity dividend return: €1.19 billion since May 2012. China Three Gorges (CTG) will receive the largest share of the Portuguese utility's dividends, and in the past seven years it has already secured over 40% of the initial investment.

Although the company's profits dropped by more than a half, Antonio Mexia will maintain the €695 million premium for shareholders. It is the Portuguese stock market's largest dividend distribution, to be paid on Wednesday. The Chinese state-owned company's 23.27% share in EDP represents a gross dividend of €161,65 million. Since entering the Portuguese utility in May 2012, China Three Gorges has already received €1.19 billion.

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