Angola's production dropped a total of 88,300 barrels of oil per day in June

The Angolan oil production fell again in June, moving away from Nigeria, which consolidated its leadership among African producers.

According to the organization's latest monthly report for June, which was released today, Angola reached an average daily production of 1.431 million barrels of crude oil (after OPEC's review of the May report), with data based on secondary sources.

According to the OPEC data, which was also based on a review of the May data, with these numbers of produced volume, Angola continues to be behind Nigeria, which saw its production increase in 27.800 barrels per day in June, an average of 1.660 million barrels per day.

During almost the entire year of 2016 and until May of 2017, Angola led oil production in Africa, a position it has since lost to Nigeria.

Production in that country was conditioned, between 2015 and 2016, by terrorist attacks, armed groups and internal political instability.