In 2019 BNA will implement the Deposit Guarantee Fund

In 2019 BNA will implement the Deposit Guarantee Fund

The National Bank of Angola (BNA) will, starting from January of 2019, start the activities of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, to safeguard the money of the clients in the commercial banks that, for various reasons, could go bankrupt.

With the commissioning of this fund, created last July, the deposits of the clients will be more secure and the confidence of depositors will be strengthened, regardless of the bank in which the account of each citizen is domiciled, according to the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, Beatriz dos Santos.

The manager, who was speaking to the press on Friday in Luanda after the inauguration of the members of the respective committee, reaffirmed that the Deposit Guarantee Fund has the function of guaranteeing the deposits of the commercial banks' customers, safeguarding the deposits and the confidence of depositors. She said that all the commercial banks that operate in the Angolan financial system will be part of this fund to bail out banks that may be bankrupt due to various reasons.

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