Huawei revenues grew 39% despite Washington's attack

Huawei revenues grew 39% despite Washington's attack


The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei announced today a year-on-year revenue increase of 39% in the first quarter of the year despite Washington's pressure to contain the company for alleged security risks.

The world's biggest producer of network equipment said it had earned 179,7 billion yuan (23.8 billion euros) between January and March in a statement posted in its official website.

In the same period, the company sold 59 million smartphones. Should this trend continue this year, Huawei will increase its sales by 30 million units.

These results appear despite the fact that the United States is pressuring several countries, including Portugal, to exclude Huawei in the construction of infrastructures for fifth-generation (5G) networks, which will support the Internet of the future, accusing the company of being willing to cooperate with Chinese information services.

Australia, New Zealand and Japan have already joined Washington appeals and have restricted Huawei's stake.