How it began and how could end the US "war" with Huawei

Google's partial blockade of the Android system from Huawei equipments is the latest installment of a trade and security war between the United States and China whose outcome is increasingly unpredictable.

By blocking the access to a number of new Android mobile phone services from Huawei following the "emergency" declared by President Donald Trump days ago, Google may have struck a sharp blow to the Chinese technology giant's future prospects. But at this stage no one will venture to say who will be the winners and losers of this trade war that began almost a decade ago. Or even if there will be someone to win in the end.

The United States' concerns with Huawei go back virtually to the company's entry into the country's market earlier this decade. The founder of the company, Ren Zhengfei, was for many years an engineer in the People's Liberation Army, from where he retired with a leadership position. And rumors (denied by the company) that Huawei had received a generous loan from a Chinese state-owned bank early in its growth, fueled suspicion that there could be a strong link between the technology giant and the Beijing authorities.

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