Certification of debt for Portuguese companies in Angola on the "good road"

"The certification is done and there is already a very interesting amount of certified debts defined," Augusto Santos Silva said, in Luanda, without specifying the amounts

"Speaking as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, without going into details, I must say that we have accomplished half the work that is to be done. There is less today if we account for what is yet to be completed compared to what has already been completed. What has already been concluded is more than what is to be concluded," the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs said, without clarifying the amount.

The question was put forth by the Lusa news agency at a joint press conference with the Angolan Foreign Minister Manuel Augusto after a meeting between delegations from the two countries to assess bilateral cooperation.

The meeting was preceded by a meeting between the Portuguese Secretaries of State of Internationalization, Eurico Brilhante Dias, the Deputy and Finance secretary Ricardo Mourinho Félix, with the Angolan Finance Minister Archer Mangueira, who dealt with the issue and entered the discussion, later, at the work meeting.

During the time the Angolan governor was addressing the Business Forum Angola-Portugal, Archer Mangueira said that he intends to deal with the majority of the debt certification process to Portuguese companies until November of that same year, something which has not happened until then.

The Portuguese side, however, estimates that the non-certified debt of Angolan public entities to Portuguese companies, mainly related to civil construction and public works, is "at least" between 400 and 500 million euros.

However, the Angolan finance minister said that after an analysis of the "delayed settlements" to Portuguese companies, it was concluded that "the largest volume was not part of the State Management Integrated System", meaning that only 30 billion of kwanzas (about 90 million euros) are debts contracted in compliance with the principles of the budgets of the State of Angola.

According to the Luanda executive member, the Angolan government has confirmed that around 100 billion kwanzas (about 300 million euros) have been contracted outside state budget rules and are therefore still subject to a "certification" process.

Today, at the insistence of Lusa, Santos Silva indicated that the process is taking place, remembering that the political decision "is taken."

"This is a process that is ongoing and is concluded from the point of view of political decision making. The decision is made," he said, noting that the two parties are working on debt certification - "if they exist and, if they do exist, what is their size" - so that the respective payment can begin afterwards.

On this regard, the head of the Angolan diplomacy did not made any declarations.

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