BNA led the mismanagement world ranking

BNA led the mismanagement world ranking


Governor José de Lima Massano said today that the BNA has been ranked as the first of three central banks in the world that serve as examples of poor management.

The classification, according to José de Lima Massano, was presented at a meeting on the sidelines of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund summer meetings in Washington (United States) last year.
According to the manager, at the base of the classification were news of the irregular transfer of US $ 500 million to London. The refund or reversal of this money back to the Angolan state was only possible through judicial means.
The governor of the BNA indicated that specialists from the United Kingdom's National Financial Crimes Agency had come to Angola to investigate the developments in this process. The agency received a report from HSBC, which has filed a lawsuit to investigate the matter. "In this process, we lost correspondent BNA banks in the international financial system. We continue to work to regain confidence," he said.

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