About 200 companies to be privatized

About 200 companies to be privatized

The capital of 195 state-owned or participated companies is sold between 2019 and 2022 as part of the Privatization Program (Propriv), in force since Monday, when it was published in Diário da República.

The document states that 175 companies will be sold by public tender, 11 by public auction and nine by Initial Public Offering (IPO), with the Government expecting to launch tenders this year for 80 companies and one IPO (which adds to the dozens of bids in the last eight months). Next year, another 81 companies are sold by public tender, six are auctioned and three via IPO, bringing the operation to another 90 companies, after which 12 are privatized in 2021 and four in 2022.

Among the most emblematic companies involved in this process are EP Sonangol, Endiama, TAAG, Bank of Commerce and Industry (BCI), Angolan Investment Bank, Caixa Geral de Angola and Banco Económico, as well as ENSA and the Angola Securities and Debt Stock Exchange (Bodiva).

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