Zara's heiress "loses" 100 million in real estate business

The property value of Sandra Ortega - Amancio Ortega's oldest and discreet daughter - has declined, but this is mainly due to accounting changes

Sandra Ortega inherited from her father, Amancio Ortega, the nose for business and owns a sizable fortune that makes her the second richest woman in Spain - she ranked first since 2013. But last year, the elder daughter of the owner of the Inditex empire, which includes Zara, did not follow her father's footsteps in the real estate business and saw her assets reduced by 100 million euros. A lot of money, but still the damage is not very significant for someone who has a fortune evaluated by Forbes in 5.3 million euros.

The real estate business of Sandra Ortega Mera, 50 years old, is scattered around Spain, Germany, the United States, and also Portugal, where she owns, for example, 90% of the real estate company Ferrado Nacomporta.

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