Santa Casa launches 24 million-tender thinking of races

Santa Casa launches 24 million-tender thinking of races

The agency that wins the tender will have a budget of 8 million a year to develop offline advertising for all of Santa Casa's brands.

It will be a real race to one of the most popular advertising tenders on the market. And the starting shot to find the agency for Santa Casa de Misericórdia's brand has already been given. At the end there are 24 million euros for a contract of three, an increase of 33.3% compared to the 18 million of the previous tender. Santa Casa justifies increasing the value of the contest with the launch of new games, such as horse betting, scheduled for this year.

"This tender for creative agency services covers all brands from the Santa Casa and from the Jogos Santa Casa (JSC) universes, in contrast to the previous one, which only included JSC). The evolution also takes into account the possibility of possible portfolio evolutions, namely the launch of new brands and social games," where "the equestrian bets are inserted," adds an official source from Santa Casa.

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