Premium Livestock and tourism projects discussed between Australia, Indonesia and East Timor

Agriculture in Timor-Leste

Leaders of Timor-Leste, Indonesia and Australia (TIA-GT) Working Group are developing pilot projects for cross-border livestock and joint promotion of tourism on the island of Timor, it was stated today.

At the end of March, the projects were discussed at a large meeting attended by TIA-GT officials, with the Vice President for Knowledge Management of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Head of the Theme Group for the Area of Regional Cooperation and Integration.

At the meeting, which allowed progress on the preparation of the projects, there were also "senior executives" from the public administration, private sector and universities.

The initiative is part of the Transversal Economic Corridor on the island of Timor, which aims to "unite the two countries and create opportunities for an integrated and sustained development in both halves", explain the promoters.

These projects will "benefit the people of East Timor and West Timor," they add.

At the meeting, ADB "set out to support the completion of the various initiatives already launched by the Mission Unit TIA-GT as well as the Trilateral Working Group" that is already being developed.

Among the underway projects we find initiatives in cattle breeding, biosafety and disease control and prevention, and, in tourism, a joint promotion and a shared brand launch for the region.

There are also projects which aim "facilitating traffic movement procedures for people, vehicles and goods" and reinforcing and streamlining "efficient air links at affordable prices to populations".

ADB support should be formalized in a memorandum of understanding to be soon concluded with the Timorese Government.

The TIA-GT seeks to move forward in the creation of synergies in this triangular regional area, especially in the economic area.