US press Portugal to exclude Chinese like Huawei from 5G

Ajit Pai, chairman of the American Communications Authority (FCC), was in Portugal this Thursday to persuade Portuguese authorities and companies.

Ajit Pai, head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC, which is responsible for the implementation of 5G, among others), as well as the US ambassador to Portugal, George Glass, attended a meeting this Thursday with members of the Portuguese government and national companies. Their goal? To convince Portugal not to use Chinese manufacturers like Huawei in its 5G infrastructure. "We hope these meetings and notices will be useful to our partners, especially on the important subject of telecommunications security."

The US ambassador was clear: at this morning's meetings with Portuguese government officials (whose identity he did not reveal) and Portuguese companies (also undisclosed), the concerns of the Americans were explained in detail in relation to "the important step that will be the 5G infrastructure".

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