Portuguese businessman accuses Huawei of stealing patent

Rui Pedro Oliveira accuses the Chinese company of having stolen the patent

Rui Pedro Oliveira accuses Huawei of stealing the patent of a lens attachable to a smartphone. The Chinese multinational denies the robbery and threatens to sue the Portuguese inventor.

The fight will be fought in court in the United States, where the Portuguese businessman registered the patents of the invention. The businessman assumes that he feels this is David versus Goliath. "I do not want to question Huawei's reputation. I'm just protecting my idea, my job and my investment. It's a matter of justice," he says.

The idea for creating SMATCAM (as he called it) came on a trip back in 2012, when he realized that the lens of his small camera was more powerful than that of his smartphone, despite being the same size. He developed his idea and in April, 2013 applied for the patent in the United States to protect the technology ("utility patent"). A year later, he registered the patent to protect the design ("design patent"). The goal was "simple": he wanted to safeguard the entry of his invention into the American market.

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