Largest Mozambican fair already has the confirmed presence of 30 countries

The Maputo International Fair (FACIM), the largest in Mozambique, will run from August 26th to September 1st and has already confirmed the presence of 30 countries and about 2,000 exhibitors, the organization announced.

Portugal will be among the countries that will send exhibitors to the event, which will also include Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, China, USA, among others, said the FACIM coordinator Jaime Nicols, quoted today by the Notícias daily newspaper.

"This year there will be newcomers from Thailand, Belarus and Turkey," said Mouzinho Nicols.

Another major presence is the one from Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, which will all be present at the event, said Mouzinho Nicols.

Regarding industries, the event will have a strong presence of companies from the hydrocarbon business, one of the areas with the brightest future for the Mozambican economy.

The 56th edition of FACIM will take place under the motto "Mozambique and the World: Broadening the Market, Promoting Investment and Strengthening Partnerships".