Flying cars will change urban mobility as early as 2025

Lilium Aviation founder Remo Gerber told the Web Summit in Lisbon that flying cars will be a reality as early as 2025

"Six years from now, in 2025, it is quite possible that this technology will already be implemented. We will reorganize mobility within cities. Regions will be better connected, and it will no longer be necessary to build new roads," Remo Gerber said during the 'Flying Cars and Cities of the Future' panel.

Speaking to a crowded room, the flying-car specialist and founder of American startup Lilium Aviation explained that he is currently designing and manufacturing the 'Jet Lilium', an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) car.

"[Rural] regions will also be better connected to metropolitan areas. The space capacity is tremendous, unlimited. And this will bring minimalism to the infrastructure," he said.

Remo Gerber explained that his flying car "will not sound like a helicopter" and that it will be "easier to maintain, easier to fly" and also "very safe."

Gerber added that it will be possible to "save billions of euros in infrastructure," as it will no longer be necessary to build new roads.