Cape Verdean airports concession to be granted this year

Cape Verdean Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva said today that he wants to conclude the concession of the country's airports in 2019, after the privatization of the country's flag carrier TACV - Cabo Verde Airlines.

Ulisses Correia e Silva, who paid a quick visit to the Lisbon Tourism Fair today, told Lusa that the privatization of TACV is only "an instrument for the operationalization of a much larger program" involving the creation of a hub on Sal Island, the concession of airports "this year," and the granting of handling services.

The aim is to transform Cape Verde into a "major aviation platform connecting Africa, the Americas, and Europe" - a project which, according to the Cape Verdean premier, will have a great impact on the economy and the tourism industry.

"The concession of airports will boost the flow of passengers and traffic, that's what the concession deal is about," Ulisses Correia e Silva said.

Cape Verde's prime minister also said that the privatization of TACV will create "the capacity to attract tourists from Northern Europe," adding that the country's tourism industry will see a significant boost "in the near future."

The privatization of TACV, the country's flag carrier, was formalized in early March. 51% of the shares were sold to Lofleidir Cabo Verde, a company owned 70% by Loftleidir Icelandic EHF and 30% by Icelandic businessmen.

10% of the remaining shares will be sold to emigrants and workers, while 39% will be sold on the stock exchange.