Houston Express for sale

Houston Express

Houston Express

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Puaça, the company that put Sonangol's real estate assets in Lisbon and Setúbal for sale in August, announced yesterday the opening of a public tender for the sale of the entire share capital of the companies owned by WTA/Atlântida Group, including Houston Express

WTA/Houston Express was involved in the Luanda-Houston connection offered by Sonangol's aviation subsidiary (Sonair) - a connection that was discontinued in March. Now the company has been included in the list of 20 Sonangol assets to be privatized this year, out of 50 to be sold until 2022.

In addition to Houston Express (headquartered in the US city), WTA/Atlântida comprises five other travel-related companies headquartered in Luanda, Lisbon and Paris. The bidding base value requested by Puaça (fully owned by Sonangol) is €17 million, and the decisive criterion is the most economically advantageous bid.

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