Angolan government thinks of 5G and Huawei goes ahead

The Chinese giant was present at the Mobile World Congress that ended this Thursday in Barcelona

The Chinese giant was present at the Mobile World Congress that ended this Thursday in Barcelona

The Chinese, one of the world's leaders in the development of fifth-generation communication technology, gave a powerful commitment to their presence in Barcelona. Hawei has the biggest pavilion. At first, there are thousands of visitors a day, including Angolans, representing the state and large telephone companies.

Nothing more normal than having Huawei for the expansion of telecommunications networks in Angola and for the future implementation of 5G technology. Who says it is the Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Manuel Oliveira, who was in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress that closes today.

In a brief conversation with OPAÍS, the minister said that he believes that 5G technology will arrive in our country faster than we can imagine, looking at previous experiences, both in the process of implementing mobile networks and in the leap to 3G technology.

Mário de Oliveira says that the Angolan market has a tendency to grow and has the advantage of being able to skip steps and adopt the most important technologies for its development. In this regard, it reaffirmed the determination of the Government to focus on new technologies to improve public administration, both in the provision of services to citizens and in the regard of security matters.

On the other hand, he said it is still difficult to make assumptions about the Angolan market based on data such as the average income, given its high level of informality which technologies can also help to decrease. He also said there were no regulatory issues for upgrading to 5G, although it still is an expensive technology.

Zhang Yayun, responsible for Huawei's communication in Angola, said the company could start the process of implementing 5G in Angola next year. Both he and the Angolan leader agree on the view that 5G is the future and that technology should be considered in addition to telecommunications, making room for the areas of traffic control and safety, assistance, for surveillance and telemedicine and for the so-called Internet of Things, a reality that is expanding in the world.