A Macau company acquires agricultural producer in Alentejo

With an investment of 40 million euros, Asian company buys Monte do Pasto

Macau company CESL Asia today signed an agreement to buy the largest Portuguese cattle-breeding group, located in the Alentejo, in an investment of around 40 million euros.

The acquisition of the Saltiproud group's "Monte do Pasto" farm is "significant", as it is "a valuable asset with 3,700 hectares of agricultural land," said CESL Asia president António Trindade, recalling that Macau has a size of about three thousand hectares. "It's a key sector for us, for China and for the world," he said.

Monte do Pasto" is already "a relevant business in Europe", exporting 30,000 head of cattle per year to Algeria, Spain, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine, which "CESL Asia wants to support" throughPlataforma Macau for the financing, management and operation of businesses for the area of Greater Bay Area and the Portuguese-speaking countries, "said the official.

At the same ceremony of "Monte do Pasto" acquisition CESL Asia signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the branch of Macau of the Bank of China.

"We are building a financial plataforma in Macau to support our project development plataforma, while expanding our cooperation with financial institutions in China, Portugal and Macau," said Antonio Trindade.

This is "the first local bank" to sign this strategic cooperation agreement for the joint development of a financial plataforma for investments in China, Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries, he said.

António Trindade pointed out that in the last six years CESL Asia has been developing investments, management and operational capacities in Portugal, taking into account the Chinese initiative "A Track, a Route", the construction plan for Greater Bay Area Guangdong-Hong Kong -Macau and the role of the territory as a plataforma for trade and cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The signing ceremony of the two agreements was attended by the Secretary for Economy and Finance of Macau, Lionel Leong Vai Tac, the director general of the economic affairs department of the liaison office of the Chinese central government in the territory, Liu Bin, General of MacauForum, Xu Yingzhen, and by the Portuguese Consul in Macau and Hong Kong, Paulo Cunha Alves, among others.

Founded in 1987, CESL Asia, a Portuguese-owned company in Macau, operates in the area of consulting and operation in the energy and environment sectors, it has 450 employees and a turnover of around 40 million US dollars.