61-year-old woman gives birth to her first child in Paraná

Ana Maria, 61, and little Ian, at 39 weeks gestation

Ana Maria, 61, and little Ian, at 39 weeks gestation

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Ana Maria was trying to have a baby since 2013; the baby is doing well.

After years of expectation, nursing assistant Ana Maria Portelo Moreira realized her dream of becoming a mother - at the age of 61. She and her son Ian were discharged from a hospital in Londrina, northern Paraná, last Friday. The baby was born on Wednesday (Oct 30) by c-section at 39 weeks of gestation - a normal delivery time - measuring 47.5 cm and weighing 3.4 kg. The mother and child are doing well.

Ana Maria says she kept postponing her motherhood plans because of her studies and her career. She signed up for adoption In 2013 but soon realized it would be difficult to get a newborn child, as she wanted, so she gave up the idea. The next step was to try an IVF. But back then the Federal Medicine Board (CFM) banned women over 50 from undergoing the procedure without its approval - which in Ana Maria's case was denied twice.

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