Twin babies die forgotten in car by their father in US

The man appeared visibly moved in court

The man appeared visibly moved in court

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Two one-year-old babies were found lifeless by their father in the car where he had left them, in the US. The man is charged with double negligent homicide.

Juan Rodriguez, 39, father of five children. He lives in the Bronx in New York. On Friday he arrived at work at eight o'clock and parked his car, like on other days. At the end of the shift, he left his job, got in his Honda Accord, and started his way. Halfway through, he realized that he had left his baby children in the car for eight hours. Subject to temperatures around 30 degrees, they were already dead when Juan looked back. They had just turned a year.

Rodriguez stopped in the middle of the road and shouted in despair, reports New York Police, quoted by local media. He was helped by a passing man who called the police. When the emergency services arrived, they could do nothing, there was no one to save. They declared the deaths.

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