There is a guided tour that rescues the hidden African history in the streets of Lisbon

During four centuries of slavery, more than 12 million African slaves were transported.

Portugal was responsible for trafficking in 5.8 million people, the vast majority was sent to Brazil.

Naky Gaglo calls each participant to make sure that the nearly 20 people who join the African Tour Lisbon find the right group. They arrive from many different places. American, British, Belgian and Brazilian people. The meeting point is at Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon, or in this context, the place that represents the arrival of many slaves to Portugal from the Tagus. "It is a place where many African people who arrived by boat, landed. Terreiro do Paço is one of those places, but there are many more."

Naky Gaglo, a tour guide from African Lisbon Tour, was born in Togo. He arrived in Lisbon almost five years ago and noticed that the streets were devoid of a story that needs to be rescued. "What is lacking, not only in Portugal but in many European countries, is a physical presence of the African history. I'm talking about the street names, museums and statues that do not exist".

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