The unexplored Cuemba and Luando Falls

The unexplored Cuemba and Luando Falls

osé Cola | Edições Novembro

The booming sound of the falling of the water has been continuous since nature shaped them.

The water has the power of nature. It sought a passage through the rocks, formed its path, and thus the falls of Cuemba and Luando were made with little substantial differences.

The Cuemba and Luando Falls are appealing. But, they remain unexplored. Without structures to monetize them, except for a small parasol located at 200 meters from the falls of Cuemba, on the top of the hill, which allows us to take a look at it.
The impact of the falling waters is so strong that they spread with immense brutality on the black granite rocks, forming small floating nuances of water in gaseous state, that seem like clouds emerging between the rocks. The work of nature is surreal!

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