Backpackers on the road. Asturias and a beach "with the sea on our shores"

TSF follows the tracks of Backpackers Carolina Calçada and Pedro Cerqueira, during a six-month trip in a motor home through Europe. The first week was spent on wheels and between mountains, snow and beaches where the sea can not be seen.

"Las Médulas. This was the first stop on our roadtrip . Like most of the places we had in our wishlist, this one was also shared in a Portuguese travel blogger. We did not know the existence of this place at all, but the images made us very curious.

Departing from Porto, by the motorway, it is 300 km north. However, since we took national roads, it took a little longer: 360 kilometers and a good four hours. It is located in the province of León, Spain, and it was an open-pit mine the ancient Roman used to get gold, now it is a World Heritage Site. It is called the European Grand Canyon, with giant reddish rock formations that blend into the green of the woods, full of chestnut trees and oak trees.

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