The design is curious: cylindrical body, rectangular wooden blades, a red onion-shaped dome. Its origin remains a subject of discussion, with the most current theory pointing to Flemish or Dutch settlers. But whatever its origin, the windmill is one of Graciosa's symbols - note, "one of"; because there are more, even though it is a tiny island. Of the two dozen mills that still stand, none of them is in operation. They now fulfill other functions - residential, local lodging or mere ruin. They are an eroded memory of the times when the island was called the Granary of the Açores. [...]


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Have you ever dreamed of spending a vacation in a paradise? Browse the photo gallery above to discover dream islands available for rent, with prices starting at 168 euros per night (no, we're not kidding). These islands promise to make you forget about the wind and rain that are already quite present in the national territory. They are perfect refuges in the Caribbean for those who need to disconnect from the real world and enjoy crystal clear waters and a breathtaking scenery. Click on the arrows above to get to know these dream places, gathered by the Coastal Living magazine. 13 islands that will disappear in the next [...]



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