The tumbles and joys of learning to ride a bike

S. Victor Parish Council and Braga Ciclável Association provide young students with free two-wheel initiation classes at Praça da Justiça. Besides the animation always present in the classes, the young students are explained some rules of healthy coexistence between bicycles, pedestrians and cars in a city.

Theo Monteiro, at the age of five, goes round and round to Praça da Justiça, in Braga, on his bicycle. He has been standing on the pedal for over an hour, and then showing his grandparents what he learned in the free bike initiation classes promoted by the Parish Council of S. Victor and the Braga Ciclável association. They take place on the first Saturday of each month, between 9 am and 1 pm, and in the first two sessions, the success rate was almost 100%.

Theo does not hide the joy of achieving balance on the second attempt. At home, I had been training with my family for months, but I had never done it. "At home I would put a foot on the pedal and fall. Here, I did not fall. My grandparents will be very happy. They were always saying: Theo, you have to walk without training wheels," says the kid, as he approaches his mother, Adriana Silva, who confirms the words of her son. "We have been trying to teach him, since the beginning of summer. I thought he would never make it," confesses the parent, resident in Barcelos.

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