Rafael Nadal plays with a wristwatch worth R$3 million

Nadal's debut at the Wimbledon tournament in 2019 in a match with the Japanese Yuchi Sugita

The 20-gram accessory is used by him since 2010, when he won the US Open

The opening of the Wimbledon tournament foreshadows a fortnight of tennis statistics that even the most dedicated supporters may find difficult to digest: tons of strawberries eaten, hectoliters of champagne consumed, speeds of draw, number of aces."

Clock fans may be interested in the fact that among the 128 players that participate in the males singles, only one will certainly play with a luxury watch: Rafael Nadal, who has just won his 12th title at the French Open in Paris, will wear his Richard Mille RM27-03 "tourbillon" on the court.

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