Premium Portugal exports homes of the future to the world

In the week when the country went down in history by getting the lowest price of solar energy in the world, a groundbreaking project comes into view: a house that spins around the sun and delivers significant energy gains is "on fire" and will be exported to many continents.

The idea was born in 2010 and was cherished by the University of Porto's Lidera project, which recognized innovation and futuristic boldness in the plan of the architect Manuel Vieira Lopes: a house that moves autonomously to find the sun, just like a sunflower, and thus guarantees alternative sources of energy. Clean and environmental friendly energy at any time of the day.

The project matured, began to grow and became a brand: Casas em Movimento. Almost ten years after the first draft, it will now try to conquer the world. More specifically from Matosinhos, where a faithful prototype of these specimens can be seen from 2017, at the intersection of Goa and Alfredo Cunha streets, a few meters from the Town Hall building.

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