39, 49, 59? What is the age of infidelity?

The first couple crisis begins at the end of four years and at year seven it is accentuated

When men and women approach the end of a decade of their life, they are more likely to seek sex outside of marriage. Why?

Is there an age for it? At what point in life do men and women feel more comfortable seeking sex outside the home? Two surveys conducted by online dating sites reveal at what age they are most likely to deceive partners. The curious thing is that the number nine comes up very often: 39, 49, 59 years old...

According to El Pais, the first survey, conducted by the extramarital affairs web page Ashley Madison, reveals that men are unfaithful when they are nearing the end of a decade of life. On the other hand, the survey by the dating site Victoria Milan concluded that Spanish women have their first relationship outside marriage at 39.1 years of age, while the situation is different for other nationalities, such as Brazilian (33.4 years) and Hungarian (44.5).