What about protein? Seven Myths About Vegetarianism

Is vegetarian food more expensive? Are vegetarians more likely to become anemic? Is it harder to gain muscle with a vegetarian diet? TSF clarifies these and other issues on World Vegetarian Day.

If you are a vegetarian you have probably been told youwill be anemic, spend a lot of money on food and eat the same thing every day. On World Vegetarian Day, TSF decided to demystify these and other ideas so that you will never have to answer the question "Where are you going to get protein?"

In order to deconstruct the prejudices associated with the vegetarian diet, we spoke to the vegetarian nutritionist Sandra Silva, who collaborated with the Directorate General of Health in the creation of practical manuals such as the document " Guidelines for Healthy Vegetarian Diet" and with nutritionist Teresa Carvalho, of the Portuguese Nutrition Association.

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