These are the diseases that your dog can detect

From malaria to various types of cancer and sometimes just by sniffing your pieces of clothing, dogs can be used in the diagnosis and prevention of diseases

They are animals with a great sense of smell and abilities that are not available to humans. Now, several scientists have tried to go further and realize the capabilities of the canine sense of smell as a disease detector. Some even dare to say that their best friend may be far more reliable than conventional tests. These are some of the theories already supported by researchers, according to The Guardian.

Just by smelling your socks, your dog can check if you have this disease. This is assured by a group of scientists who launched a study, last week, where they demonstrated evidence that, even with no visible symptoms, the canine nose can detect malaria by smelling these pieces of clothing from someone with the disease. The conclusion of the study came after months of research, which included two dogs, a Labrador and a Labrador retriever.

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