Spanish city wants to lose 100,000 kilos by 2020

The city of Narón launched the "100 thousand heavy reasons" program to help the population fight against overweight

Since January, Octavio Dopico has been following with his diet: "I already lost two pounds, I have to keep on trying!"

In the name of health, and to set an example, the Councilor of Náron promises not to give up until 2020. Until then, the Spanish city in the province of Coruña, Galicia, has in its hands a collective plan to combat obesity.

The goal is to lose 100,000 pounds in two years to improve community health and help citizens adopt healthier lifestyles. In total, 4 thousand of the 40 thousand inhabitants of Narón accepted the challenge. Those who have embraced the cause have a special incentive: medical, physical and food monitoring by the Town Hall.

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