New blood test may reveal your 'real' age and life expectancy people may be 50 and have completely different life expectancies, according to Yale researchers

Yale University Study Creates Methodology for Calculating the 'Physiological' Age of People.

If you were born in 1980, you will turn 38 this year, right? In fact, it depends. From the point of view of your body's health, you may be much older or younger.

Scientists at Yale University in the United States have developed a blood test that can determine life expectancy based on the physiological age of the body - that is, they have identified a method to quantify the age of a person by assessing the phisiological "fitness" of the body, rather than simply calculating the years since birth.

"Two individuals may be chronologically 50 years old, but one of them may have the same risk of dying as a 55-year-old while the other person has the same risk of dying as a 45-year-old, " said researchers Zuyun Liu, Pei-lun Kuo, Steve Horvath, Eileen Crimmins, Luigi Ferruci and Morgan Levine, in the study published in the scientific journal Biorxiv.

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