Elderly acrobats in the interior of São Paulo will have their story told in film

Dance and acrobatics helped the elderly overcome physical pain and cases of depression

Documentary about the Super-seniors group, created 14 years ago, will be released in 2019.

"I just wanted to stay home, lying on the couch, crying. Because of depression, I did not feel like doing anything." This is how retired Rosemary Hurtado, 60, tells how she felt after her son got married and she started living on her own.

Maria de Lourdes Zampieri, 70, also retired, said she did not feel happy about staying at home just "taking care of her husband." "I did not go out, I did not see people, I did not have a life."

Rosemary and Maria, who had a routine without great fuss, became acrobats. They make up a team of 14 people, three of them men, aged 60 to 80, who practice dance and circus art.

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