From shopping centers to sports venues and casinos. The places where there are 2453 defibrillators

Since 2012 the existence of first aid devices in public places is mandatory. According to INEM there are 2120 places where the legislation is being observed.

Airports, shopping centers, hypermarkets, banks, aircrafts, casinos, sports venues and hotels. These are some of the places in Portugal where you can find one of the 2453 external automatic defibrillators, a portable device that allows to rescue a victim in a situation of cardiorespiratory arrest.

These devices have to be licensed by the National Institute of Medical Emergency. This institute now released the number of devices that are placed in various institutions, among other informations. According to the information disclosed, training was given to 24 176 people and defibrillators are placed in 2120 public spaces, ambulances or vehicles manned by non-INEM operatives.

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