From Almeirim to Nepal on a bike because "a simple 'thank you' would not suffice"

Pedro Bento will pedal about 11,000 kilometers in 73 days to raise money for the Almeirim firefighters and to pay for the education of two Nepalese youths.

"It's impossible to explain how one feels when doing this. You always wake up with a huge motivation, because the goal is to get there. Once you get there, it's always such a simple thing... What really matters is the journey, meeting people, talking to them, understanding why they are there." Pedro Bento, 40, is riding a bicycle to Nepal - all by himself. He leaves this Saturday from the Almeirim Fire Brigade headquarters. Destination: Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

He will take the cycling outfit on his body, another outfit in the bag, and a change of clothes for the evening. The bicycle, specifically purchased for this purpose (as it is appropriate for both roads and dirt tracks), will also carry an individual tent, tools, a sleeping bag, a mattress, and water. Food and accommodation will be found along the way.

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