Port wine. The best wine in the world

Port wine. The best wine in the world


The excellence of Port wine is felt and perceived throughout the world and it is impossible to define borders or limits. From the sense of discovery of different styles to the fascination of tasting a new vintagedeclaration or of harvesting over two hundred years, everything is in favor of the wine that enchanted the baron of Forrester and D. Antonia Adelaide Ferreira. It's time to give our lives for this great drink. An essay by Fernando Melo.

Port wine is the best wine in the world. A complex statement that needs support and by its sumptuousness it leads almost everyone to distrust its truth. However, here is the proof that it is entirely true. Match 40 wines from the same harvest and region, and try them blindly. St-Emilion (France), Barolo (Italy), Ribera del Duero (Spain) and Sonoma County (USA), for example. In each tasting, you will find three or four excellent samples, 15 very good and in almost all others you will not see a great virtue. Believe me, this happens even in the "superwines" of the world when blindly compared. There are many Bordeaux wines that are far from pleasing everyone, and for many they are even to be rejected.

Now align 40 samples from a recent year of Vintage Port - the 2017 ones are at their height, for example -- and repeat the blind tasting procedure. Twenty will be exceptional, 12 very good and the rest just good. But you won't find a bad wine in those 40. This type of tasting only Port wine can provide, and so is distinguished from all the wine denominations of origin around the world.

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