Small South African beach restaurant is considered the best in the world

A small beach restaurant located in a secluded fishing village in South Africa has received the world's best restaurant award on Monday, in the latest edition of the World Restaurant Awards, in Paris.

The award for the best restaurant that requires no reservations was given to Mocotó, in São Paulo (Brazil), and the House Special of the Year Award went to Italian Lido 84.

Kobus van der Merwe, the Chef at Wolfgat, a restaurant located in the village of Paternoster, learned to cook when he was 30 years old and looks for ingredients at the edge of the Atlantic. He also makes his own bread and butter.

Wolfgat opened last year at a beach house built 130 years ago. Its seven-course tasting menu costs the equivalent of 53 euros. The 38-year-old cook can only serve 20 people, who usually stay on the premises for two and a half hours.

Its modest location and Van der Merwe's belief that it must be sustainable and return to the basics have convinced the judges of the award.

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