Portuguese recipe chosen as the best dish to make and eat on Mars

A panel of culinary experts chose a recipe from a Portuguese chef, as the best meal, marked by the flavors of cod and chorizo, to eat on a future manned mission to the planet Mars.

Kiko Martins told Lusa that, while making the Martian recipe, he had in mind that a meal on Mars would have to have ingredients "that survive a very long journey, of eight months," so he included in the recipe "lyophilized and dehydrated ingredients," from which water is extracted, making them lighter and allowing them to be preserved longer.

"1,2,3, Mars" was the name chosen for the recipe, which in addition to cod and chorizo, also has potatoes, onions and garlic, seaweed, parsley, olives and egg, winning ingredients for the jury constituted by four Michelin classified chefs, which met in Zaragoza, Spain.

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