Eating naked in Paris? Only until February 16

O'Naturel restaurant closes doors a year after it opened, the owners announced on Facebook.

To enjoy a meal in the same clothes you came to the world was possible until now. The Parisian restaurant O'Naturel will close doors early next month, owners announced on Facebook after a year of activity.

O'Naturel was the first restaurant designed for nudists and was opened in 2017. The idea, by twins Mike and Stéphane Saada, was very simple: the customer arrives, enters a specific cabin, takes off their clothes and enjoys a meal of typically French food, completely naked.

More. Mobile phones and all electronic devices should be left next to the clothes in the cabin that is made available in order to respect the privacy of the other customers present in the restaurant. Taking photographs is not allowed.

Despite the good evaluations during the 15 months of existence, the owners confessed to the France-Presse news agency that financially there are no conditions for the site to remain open.

Part of the list of the world's hottest restaurants, unsurprinsingly, and with an average score of 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook reviews and 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, both the experience and quality of food served received very positive criticism since the inauguration. The owners and the employees are always dressed.

At the time of the inauguration, the president of the French Naturist Federation, Yves Leclerc, even said that the experience of dining at O'Naturel "is as if we were on vacation, but better."

It's now or never. If you still want to experience something unique, hurry up. The restaurant closes on February 16.

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