Beyoncé orders dress from Portuguese designer Fátima Lopes

Beyoncé orders dress from Portuguese designer Fátima Lopes


Traditional Portuguese pavement, tiles, sea and sun were the inspirations for 'Portugal', the fall/winter collection that fashion designer Fátima Lopes will present on April 5 in Lisbon, after her Paris show, with an order from Beyoncé.

"The black silk dress with silver strings which ended my fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week in early March has been bought by American singer Beyoncé and sent to Los Angeles last Friday", Lopes told Lusa news agency on Friday, adding that her 2019-2020 fall/winter collection will be presented again on April 5 at 9 pm at Epic Sana Hotel in Lisbon.

"I've been in fashion for the past 27 years and at the Paris Fashion Week for 20 years. I had my 41st participation in Paris this month and I'm the only Portuguese designer who has done it for 20 years in a row. I thought the theme [of the collection] could only be Portugal, so the entire collection was inspired by the traditional Portuguese pavement, tiles, mountains, sea, sun and roofs," the designer said.

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