Ekaterina, 24 years old, was found dead inside a suitcase. She had her throat slit

Ekaterina traveled often. She was an "influencer" in Russia

Ekaterina traveled often. She was an "influencer" in Russia

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She was an influencer on social networks. This young Russian doctor had a travel blog, popular in her country, and had an Instagram account with over 85,000 followers.

Ekaterina Karaglanova, 24 years old, more than 85,000 followers on Instagram, is what today qualifies as an influencer, an influencer in the time of social networks. She was found dead in her rented apartment in Moscow in a suitcase and injured last Friday after her family warned the authorities that they had been unable to contact her for several days, the BBC reported this Tuesday.

Pretty, young, Ekaterina was a newly licensed intern in the dermatology specialty who ran a blog about popular travel in Russia and an account on Instagramwhere she signed as Kati K. - "katti_loves_life" (Katti loves life) - and where she published a last picture on July 22, taken in Corfu, Greece.

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